Quality Family Services

Become A Foster Parent

 Quality Family Services is always looking for professional, caring and motivated individuals who are interested in becoming foster

  parents to help a child in need.  Before becoming a foster parent there are a few basic requirements that must be met.



 ◊ You must be at least 21 years of age.

 ◊ Marital Status (Can be single, divorced or married)

 ◊ Couples must take all the training.  Both parents have

    to participate and become certified.

 ◊ All individuals in the family, including children, must be

    interested and willing to do foster care.

 ◊ You can not solely depend on foster care as your income.

    Your current income must exceed your expenses.

 ◊ Criminal Background Check

 ◊ Everyone in the home must have a physical and TB test

    with written approval from your doctor that you are

    physically and mentally capable to provide foster care for


 ◊ Your home must be suitably equipped, safe, clean and

    have sufficient space to accommodate additional children

    in the home.  Foster children must have their own bed to

    sleep in preferably in their own room.

 ◊ Adults must have a valid NC driver's license with a safe

    driving record and a safe vehicle for transporting children.

 ◊ You must be open to a "team" approach in working with all

    parties involved, including birth parents.

 ◊ You must complete all training as required by the State of

    North Carolina.

 ◊ Adults should have at least a high school diploma/GED or

    must have the ability to read, write and follow written and

    verbal direction.